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    Data Lake Objectives
    • A common way to transform and harmonize your enterprise data, regardless of its source, structured or unstructured, inside or outside the enterprise.
    • A unified way to describe all the data in your lake - what it means and how it links together - in terms that are meaningful to business users.
    Data Lake Layers
    • Data Ingestion

      This layer Provide connectors to extract data from a variety of data sources and load it into the lake.

    • Data Storage

      Data storage is one of the key components of a Data Lake architecture.A well-architected storage layer should.

    • Data Governance

      Infrastructure and Operations Management. Provisioning, Managing, Monitoring and scheduling your Hadoop clusters.

    • Data Discovery

      After the ingestion of large data collections, data understanding stage is of paramount importance before one can start preparing data or analysis. Tagging (i.e., metadata tagging) is used to express the data understanding, through organizing, identifying, and interpreting the raw data ingested in the lake.

    • Data Exploration

      The first step for data exploration is dataset discovery. Identification of the right dataset to work with is essential before one starts exploring it.

    • Data visualization and Communication

      Analysed results are plotted in form of pie chart, histograms, bar graphs and presented to business so that they can take plan their strategies and take future decision accordingly.

    Data Lake in Marketing and Customer Data Platforms:

    Data Lake creates a unified customer database. A consistent identifier links all the data together and supports marketing segmentation and exploration for personalized marketing efforts. Business intelligence tools allow marketing teams to leverage the data in the data lake in order to blend sources of data together and perform segmentation analytics that can then be shared with cloud-based marketing automation providers.

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