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  • Data Science Goals
    • Prediction
    • Classification
    • Recommendation
    • Pattern detection and grouping
    Data Science life cycle
    • Data acquisition

      It involves acquiring data from both internal and external sources, including social media or web scraping.

    • Discovery and Identification of Goal

      In this step data scientist tries to understand the expectation of business from analysis and goal identification helps them to decide where to start.

    • Data Preparation

      Usually referred to as "data wrangling", this step involves cleaning the data and reshaping it into a readily usable form for performing data science. This is similar to the traditional ETL steps in data warehousing in certain aspects, but involves more exploratory analysis and is primarily aimed at extracting features in usable formats. This is also required to avoid misleading results.

    • Hypothesis and Modelling

      This is the core activity of a data science project that requires writing, running and refining the programs to analyse and derive meaningful business insights from data.

    • Evaluation and Interpretation

      Machine learning model performances should be measured and compared using validation and test sets to identify the best model based on model accuracy and over-fitting.

    • Data visualization and Communication

      Analysed results are plotted in form of pie chart, histograms, bar graphs and presented to business so that they can take plan their strategies and take future decision accordingly.

    Data science in Financial Services sector

    Financial services companies are turning to data science for answers – leveraging new data sources to build predictive models and simulate market events, using NoSQL, Hadoop and Storm to exploit non-traditional data sets and store different data for future analysis.Sentiment analysis has risen into another valuable source to achieve several objectives. With sentiment analysis, banks track trends, respond to issues, monitor product launches and enhance brand perception. They make the most of the market sentiment data to short the market when some unforeseen event occurs

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