Maximizing Business Values
Minimizing IT risk

True Fixed Cost Model

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We are

K-Pro consulting. Group of data science geeks, Bigdata hackers, IoT experts, and Blockchain evangelists.

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We believe in

In the era of ubiquitous data, no knowledge is complete without getting a holistic view and churned insights.

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We do

We design solutions for today’s enterprises which rely heavily on data, process agility, and customer focus. Our unique capabilities around Bigdata lake, IoT platform, and Blockchain place us to solve complex business problems which involves deep analytical thinking, scalable design, and excellent execution discipline.

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Welcome to our Orgnization

K-Pro Solutions, which is founded in 2014 to provide solutions with cutting edge open source and proprietary solutions to architect best in class solutions for varying needs of customer. Our single aim is to create business value for customers and minimize their implementation risk. We offer true fixed fee for all platform implementations on premise as well as on cloud. We also offer customized agile based development model for use cases starting from data source to consumption layer. We have expertise in making real-time application embedded with machine learning models.

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K-Pro Acceleration Framework for Open Source Solutions

Connected Data Platforms And Services

Data Platforms

Data Lake

Turning Datalake to Answer Center

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Data Lake

  1. Quick Integration from various Structured, Semi Structured and Unstructured Data Sources.
  2. Integrate Batch and Streaming Data.
  3. Store and process all kind of data.
  4. Create and Manage Catalog and Metadata.
  5. Manage Data Quality.
  6. Data Governance and Data Lineage.
  7. Data (In rest and motion), Platform and Application Security.
  8. Monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting.
  9. Data lifecycle management (Ingest, store and retire).
  10. Data classification (Cold, warm and hot data).
  11. Process to govern data lake platform.
  12. Continuous support and improvement.
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Cloud Platform

We enable all top cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google and IBM

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Cloud Platform

  1. Selection of Cloud Vendors
  2. Selection of Tools on Cloud
  3. Define Architecture on Cloud
  4. Define, Develop and Deploy solutions on Cloud
  5. Migrate On-Prem solutions to Cloud
  6. Multi Cloud Deployments.
  7. Cost optimization on cloud
  8. Automation of Cloud Infrastructure Management
  9. Automation of Authentication and Authorization for users.
  10. Integration of Enterprise Level tools
  11. Network and Security Automation
  12. Data lifecycle management on Cloud (Ingest, store and retire)
  13. Data classification (Cold, warm and hot data)
  14. Over all Cloud Platform Governance
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IoT Platform

Enable IoT platforms for competitive business advantages

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IoT Platform

  1. Machine-to-Machine(M2M)
  2. Person-to-Person(P2P)
  3. Machine-to-Person(M2P)
  4. Home IOT(HIOT)
  5. Industrial IOT(IIOT)
  6. Consumer IOT(CIOT)
  7. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  8. Near Field Communication(NFC)
  9. Sensor based data collection
  10. Edge computing
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Operationalizing Block Chain Solutions

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  1. With K-Pro Blockchain Platform, we can architect the blockchain technology landscape for your organization.
  2. Analyze and define Blockchain whether it is applicable for your organization.
  3. K-Pro can apply Blockchain concepts to your existing processes and services across ecosystem.
  4. K-Pro can understand your practical value and applicability of Blockchain in various scenarios.
  5. K-Pro can perform PoC on your behalf to make sure use cases are best fit with Blockchain.
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Enables faster and better decision making

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  1. Discovery
  2. Data preparation
  3. Model Planning
  4. Model building
  5. Model Training
  6. Operationalize
  7. Communicate results
  8. Re-Enforcement
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Our Services
  • ML and AI

    K-Pro provide solutions that utilize Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to improve ROI, SLAs, and TCO of existing product/services/processes or define new ones.

  • Consulting

    K-Pro Consulting Services can help your business to accelerate the journey to a digital enterprise which is driven by data.

  • IOT

    K-Pro provides IoT technologies to enhanced insights with real-time intelligence and pro-active decision making and action to improve business outcomes.

  • Mobile Application

    K-Pro design, develop and deliver creative user-centric mobile applications on iOS, Android platforms.

  • Staff Augmentation

    K-Pro staff augmentation services provide best in class skilled personnel to work along with you for very short, short and long term projects.

  • Managed Services

    K-Pro provide managed services with best practice and 24/7 support along with all protocols related with security and compliance.

  • Training

    We provide corporate or online trainings on all cutting edge technologies with well experienced professionals. We also help to design new courses.

  • Custom Application Development

    K-Pro provides custom application development with best in class products with non-functional attributes like quality, availability, speed, security at scale.

  • Custom Use Cases

    K-Pro design, develop and provide support for custom application related with traditional and cutting edge technologies.

Case Studies
  • Automated Supply Chain Management of World’s Biggest Luxury Car, Truck and Bus Manufacturer Learn More

  • Automation of Stock Forecasting and Safety Stock MaintenanceLearn More..

  • Activation, Penetration and Usage Analytics and Campaign Management for 2nd Largest Bank Learn More

  • Real-time Service Tracking for Largest Car and Farm Equipment ManufacturerLearn More

  • Customer Satisfaction for World Largest Car ManufacturerLearn More

Keep Learning
  • Blockchain
  • Data Science
  • Azure Certification
  • BigData Testing
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Our Coordinates


The Hive at VR Bengaluru,
ITPL Main Road, Mahadevpura,
Bengaluru - 560048