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  • Azure competition
    • A common way to transform and harmonize your enterprise data, regardless of its source, structured or unstructured, inside or outside the enterprise.
    • A unified way to describe all the data in your lake - what it means and how it links together - in terms that are meaningful to business users.
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    What can Microsoft Azure Do
    • Virtual machines

      Create Microsoft or Linux virtual machines (VMs) in just minutes from a wide selection of marketplace templates or from your own custom machine images.

    • SQL databases

      Azure offers managed SQL relational databases, from one to an unlimited number, as a service.This saves you overhead and expenses on hardware, software, and the need for in-house expertise.

    • Azure Active Directory Domain services

      Built on the same proven technology as Windows Active Directory, this service for Azure lets you remotely manage group policy, authentication, and everything else

    • Application services

      With Azure it’s easier than ever to create and globally deploy applications that are compatible on all popular web and portable platforms. Reliable, scalable cloud access lets you respond quickly to your businesses.

    • Visual Studio team services

      An add-on service available under Azure, Visual Studio team services offer a complete application lifecycle management (ALM) solution in the Microsoft cloud.

    • Storage

      Count on Microsoft’s global infrastructure to provide safe and highly accessible data storage.

    Logging capabilities within Microsoft Azure

    The secret gold mine of any infrastructure and service solution is ongoing operational and security visibility, and ultimately these comes down to extracting critical log and infrastructure metrics from the application and underlying stack. Azure comes with integrated health monitoring and alert capabilities so you can know in an instant if performance issues or outages are impacting your business. Set smart alert levels for events from:

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